Embroidery kit with embroidery hoop, pattern, embroidery floss of varying colors, and embroidery needles
Palette 1: cranberry red, burnt orange, moss green, rose pink and black
Palette 2: deep cerulean blue, moss green, dark lavender, gray blue and black
Palette 3: succulent green, creamy seafoam, light gray lavender, terracotta and black
Palette 4: muted magenta, dark lavender, moss green, buttercup yellow and black

DIY Embroidery Kit for Beginners

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Everything you need to start your embroidery!

- 1 6" wooden hoop

- 10" w x 20" h piece of kona cotton fabric (enough for ~2 projects to fit your hoop)

- 5 skeins of embroidery floss-- I have 4 palettes for you to choose from! Photos of colors are above and labeled. Each palette always has a black skein and a shade of green for florals! They will have the color numbers so you can easily repurchase the same color.

- Embroidery needles (2)

- Seasonal pattern designed by me AND a full beginners guide with photos on how to get started, basic step-by-step stitches, and other tips and tricks included! This is in the form of a digital download and is available to download immediately upon purchase! You will get your physical kit with your materials in the mail in the days to follow :) The pattern rotates per season (winter, spring, summer, fall) and in December there's an EXTRA special Christmas pattern included! Please only use these patterns for your personal projects, and I ask that they not be recirculated, reproduced, or sold in any manner. Thanks!

*Please note that kit does NOT include embroidery scissors, pins, or pre-made work, but only what is described above! If you would like a deluxe kit please contact me.*