Hi, I'm Hailey (the "Peirce" in Peirce Textiles)! I'm a fiber artist and art teacher who believes art is for everyone, and my goal is to integrate learning into the creative process.
I hold a BFA from Massachusetts College of Art in 3D Arts with a concentration in fiber art, and primarily work in that medium! However, I also love drawing, painting, and ceramics, and love experimenting with new processes and recycled materials.
Growing up, I would spend summers visiting my grandmother at her Midwestern farmhouse, where she taught me to sew, craft and create. These times allowed me to learn and appreciate the movement, versatility, and excitement of all things textile-related.
With now over 4 years of experience teaching in a community-based art school and non-traditional classroom setting, I am passionate about learning and have worked with children ages 6-18 as well as a handful of adult students! My expertise includes techniques such as embroidery, needle-felting, fabric dyeing and weaving, as well as other fine arts such as painting and drawing. My diverse skills in a variety of mediums have shaped me into a creative problem-solver, and my process-based approach to teaching is coupled with a patient and fun-loving spirit!
I currently reside in Massachusetts with my husband Nick and indoor pet rabbits Speedracer and Juju! When I’m not making art, perfecting my skincare routine, or taking pictures of my bunnies, I love trips to the beach and being outside, baking, catching up on my favorite podcasts and tv shows, and making memories with friends and family. I also enjoy volunteering with a local rabbit rescue and other non-profit organizations.
My dream for Peirce Textiles is to create, teach, and empower others to do the same from all walks of life. For me, fiber art feels like home, and I hope to bring a piece of that wherever I go. Thank you so much for meeting me here :) xoxo