Why I Write

Those who know me know that I crave originality. In my art, in my life- I never want to be caught dead doing something just because everyone else is doing it. Like, regular college? Pft, no thanks, art school is way better (said my underdeveloped frontal lobe in high school). Oh, what about a nice, stable office job with a 401K plan? Ew, I thought. That middle school birkenstock trend? Eye roll! (Said the girl who now freely indulges in Crocs). And so on… this is my mind.

Call it middle child syndrome, call it stubbornness, or call it (as I like to think) sensibility, but I almost always need to have a very good reason as to why I do or start something. I never do things halfheartedly. Which is why it’s kind of funny to me that I’m starting a blog… not because I think it’s passé, but because it’s been done (and done way better than this!), you know what I mean? Am I prepared to devote my time to this blog to make it into what it deserves to be? Will I be able to get behind this wholeheartedly?

I would need a very good reason indeed to convince my unrelenting self on this one.

Well, I thought and thought about it, I reasoned with myself and got advice, and there are a couple reasons I came up with as to why a blog might be beneficial:

  1. I am an artist, teacher, and Etsy shop owner, and I want a place for my readers (that’s you!) to see my artistic process, exclusive news and shop updates, teaching adventures, harebrained schemes 😉 , and most of all, get to know more about me! And maybe if y’all are good I will post pictures of my very famous, cutest-in-the-world rabbit, Speedy.
  2. I actually (spoiler alert) love writing. The idea of documenting my work, life and art to potentially help and encourage others became more appealing the more I imagined it. So, to answer my own question, yes, I do believe I can make this blog into something special- after all it’s what it (and you) deserves.
  3. A lot of our family, and now some of my BFFs too 🙁 , live far, far away and I want to keep you updated but also send you lots of love and hugs from my little corner of the world to yours.

Even after these three points, to be honest, I am still skeptical. Like, who am I to start a blog? Who cares what goes on in the mundane details of my not very exciting life? Will people even read this? The one thing I don’t want this blog to be is a deception of who I am… I am going to be real with you and I hope that’s okay! I want to make it very clear right now that I am a human, I make mistakes, and I will probably talk about them- even when I’m celebrating the little victories, which I firmly believe in, too! I am joyful but also facetious, silly and don’t take myself too seriously, so I hope you bear with me and sincerely hope you benefit from this, even if it’s just to make you smile.

So… here I am, I’m *mostly* convinced! Thank you, blog world, for bearing with my cynicism and accepting me, even though you had no choice in the matter:) And wow, if you’ve stuck with me for this long, then I think I love you! I look forward to a long, happy, virtual friendship.

xoxo, Hailey


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